تراول کونگا سایز ۱۱ و ۳/۴ ۱۱ و ۱/۲ ۱۲ اینچ پرل مدل PTC-1100-1175-1250

دسته :

23,850,000 تومان

کد محصول : 4564

Pearl PTC Travel Conga, 11-11 3/4-12 1/2 inch with stand

موجود در انبار ( تحویل فوری )


Compact, flat conga with shell construction made of Thai oak
Take your Pearl Travel Conga with you wherever you go and be ready to play in seconds. The Pearl PTC1175TC Travel Conga Stand is the perfect stand for your 11.75″ PTC1175 Travel Conga. No fussing, no adjusting, just rock-solid results. The way that the PTC1175TC Travel Conga Stand attaches to your Travel Conga provides perfectly centered stability, so you can play as hard as you like and never worry about your drums falling over. Pearl PTC1175TC Travel Conga Stand Features at a Glance: Fits 11.75″ PTC1175 Pearl Travel Conga Collapses to a small format for convenient transportation Centered design provides maximum stability Height-adjustable pole design


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